Amethyst Intentional Bracelet - 14k Gold Heart Filigree Clasp

Amethyst Intentional Bracelet - 14k Gold Heart Filigree Clasp
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  • 14K gold double heart filigree safety clasp
  • 8 mm beads
  • Hand strung with love in the United States
  • Includes an instructional card for utilizing the bracelet for setting intentions

Truth. Wisdom. Intuition.

*Supports a deep sense of intuition and inner knowing
*Fosters a healthy relationship with money and career
*Releasing attachments
*Attaining spiritual wisdom
*Clear communication
*Opens third eye
*Promotes nervous system health

Directs loving energy toward realms of your life that you are having trouble accepting and seeing the truth.

It radiates love into you with its divine rays and helps you to stand in your truth with less fear and more love. In particular, aids in manifesting a spiritual and respectful relationship to money and career.

Suggested Uses: 
People working on building their careers, those who are not accepting of their plight (especially the elderly or sick), chronic sinus infections, those wanting to have a healthy relationship with money.

Personal Stories: 
"The second I came in contact with a hospice patient the amethyst started heating up. I knew it was for her, through me. It was giving me more love, more heart energy. It WAS STRONG! She was not accepting her impending death, and was in denial about her condition. It seemed as if the necklace was giving her this loving energy to help her come to more acceptance and truth around her situation."

Hand selected, Excellent quality.