16" Mother of Pearl Intentional Youth Necklace - 14K Gold Clasp

16" Mother of Pearl Intentional Youth Necklace - 14K Gold Clasp
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  • Hand selected, Very good quality
  • 4 mm beads. 16" length
  • 14K gold safety clasp
  • Hand strung with love in the United States
  • Includes an instructional card for utilizing the necklace for setting intentions

Protection. Nurturing. Mother.

*Nurturing from within
*Remaining calm despite difficult situations
*Emotional stability

Gives a stable, loving presence that allows you to develop and access your mother within. It heals and opens the heart and supports you in giving and receiving love. The inner mother takes care of you. Even in difficult situations, this contentment and safety gives the space for an ongoing sense of harmony and joy.

Suggested Uses: 
Children or adults living with childhood wounds and trauma, long travel, family gatherings, hard projects or difficult situations, enhancement of every day activity. A child wearing this would have an increased sense of safety and emotional stability.

Personal Stories: 
"I was able to take care of myself, by accessing the knowledge of how to take care of myself: the mother within. I felt very content. In situations that usually overwhelm me I felt calm, and very emotionally stable and centered."