25" Moonstone Intentional Necklace

25" Moonstone Intentional Necklace
25" Moonstone Intentional Necklace 25" Moonstone Intentional Necklace
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  • 25" length. 6 mm beads
  • Hand strung with love in the United States
  • Includes an instructional card for utilizing the necklace for setting intentions.


*Increases vigor/energy
*Reduces tiredness
*Strengthens immune and lymphatic systems
*Decreases PMS symptoms
*Assists connection with inner light and lightness of being

Moonstone helps heal the immune system and lymph systems by pulling imbalances to the surface and working on them. You do not need to know what is imbalanced for moonstone to work. It also shifts frequency to lightness, especially if you are feeling heavy or tired.

Suggested Uses: 
Great for baby boomers, it increases energy and vigor and heals the lymph tissues, decreases water retention and increases circulation, all things that happen with an increase in age. It also lifts people out of their heaviness, women suffering from PMS issues, persons with colds, flu, or decreased immune system.

Personal Stories: 
"I started the day feeling heavy and very dense. I felt VERY tired. I put on the moonstone. The second I put it on I felt my energy shift. The lightness of the moonstone came into my field like a hummingbird and I heard my frequency shift to lightness. Then I felt it helping my tissues, my left elbow (which is an old dislocation injury). Then it was working on my lymph system and tissues surrounding it. In 1 hour I felt a lot better, a lot lighter and healthier."

Hand selected, EXCELLENT PLUS quality.