Intentional Hot Milk Chocolate - 30 oz

Intentional Hot Milk Chocolate - 30 oz
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  • 100% pure Hawaiian Vintage chocolate.
  • Infused with the spiritual energy of experienced meditators personally trained with the Dalai Lama.
  • All natural ingredients, pure heavenly taste.


Hot chocolate boosts memory! Recent research from Harvard University in 2013 explains that two cups of hot chocolate per day helps improve memory and prevent its decline. So drink up!

Our delicious Intentional Hot Chocolate is not only good for the brain but also the spirit and palate.

Wholeness. Communion. Joy. The original. The source. Use these round chocolate orbs of perfect order to reconnect to your source energy.

Hawaiian vintage Chocolate creates the world's best chocolate we add the intentional energy. This amazing chocolate yields a deep soulful base accented by notes of plum and cocoa with more than a hint of ecstasy. The mouth feel is classic Hawaiian Vintage with its signature Dionysian finish.

The new "ingredient" in Intentional Chocolate is not a conventional nutrient but rather the focused intentions of highly experienced meditators captured and embedded in dark chocolate.